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Netfabb Professional is a highly advanced software for 3D Printing, Additive Manufacturing and Rapid Prototyping. It improves productivity in quoting, file review, file fixing, mesh optimisation and build setup. The quality control minimizes failed builds and machine errors.

- View files on various triangulated formats to determine main parameters and to help predict special issues, calculate pricing and determine the best orientation for manufacturing.
- Fix complicated file and model errors to make files buildable.
- Make late design changes and modify details to improve production.
- Add text and labels on parts to mark them for identification.
- Optimize and fine-tune the mesh to improve surfaces.
- Pack builds manually and check for collisions live.
- Create, edit and convert slice files for most additive manufacturing machines.
- Merge together and substract parts from each other with a very powerful 3D boolean.
- Automatically create customized reports and quotes including profound part analysis.
- Process hundreds or thousands of files using integrated batch modes.

Netfabb Professional can import and export content on a number of formats in order to run and operate a wide range of 3D printers and additive manufacturing machines. Netfabb Professional is easy to use and requires a minimum of training. It's available for windows/mac/linux and is delivered with one hardware dongle. If you are presently running netfabb version 4 you should definitely upgrade to Netfabb version 5. There are plenty of new features that will make you even more productive and many existing features are improved.


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